TAKE 10 Series: Question 12

Welcome to the series where we ask 10 real estate agents for their take on the current market challenges and opportunities


Betty Orourke, Felix Koolen-Renaud,
Ashley Moore, Chris Steeves,
Hawraa Daher, Saha Amini,
Jorgo Hidershaj, Titi Shoremi,
Rod Maadarani, Brittany Brown


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Ottawa, Ontario


November 30, 2022 8:00am EDT


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Social media, local networking events, door-knocking/signs/flyers.  Rank these from most important to least important when growing your business and explain why.

Agent #1 – Chris Steeves – EXP Realty

“Chris will help you navigate through every step of your real estate purchase or sale, and ensure you’re making the best possible decisions for the best possible results.”

#1 Social Media
#2 Door-knocking/signs/flyers
#3 Local networking events

“The reason being, social media has the most significant potential to scale to the broadest audience in the shortest amount of time. You can build a wide-reaching presence, and touch so many different leads through online media. In comparison, the door-knocking/flyers approach is typically slower and more cumbersome. The benefit of flyering is being able to target a very specific neighborhood, and also reach a market that may not use social media.    

As for networking events, they can be successful, but again, it’s a narrower reach and smaller market.  But when you connect directly with people, it’s easier to build a more solid and personal relationship, which can then be transitioned over to social media (we all add each other on Linked In, etc, right after we meet new people).”

Agent #2 – Betty Orourke – eXp Realty Canada

“My high level of customer care going above & beyond, anticipating my clients needs plus strong communication is how I have found great success in real estate!”

#1 Social Media
#2 Signs
#3 Flyers

“Social media – it’s the future. People under 30 check Instagram to research a business before google. People feel a connection through social media it offers you reach that door-knocking can’t offer 

Signs are great exposure for neighborhoods and possible future deals if you can sell a home in a reasonable time for a great price! 

Flyers consistent for over a year with valuable information can be effective. 

I do not door-knock. Great if it works for others, not how I want to attain and retain clients.”

Agent #3 – Ashley Moore – Remax Affiliate Boardwalk

“Ashley aspires to create personable and lasting connections with her clients through fun, dedicated engagement.”

“This is a tough question! I honestly think a combination of all of these is very important in real estate to grow your business and be successful. Face-to-face interactions with both clients and colleagues are probably the quickest way you can start growing. We are in the people business so meeting new people in person is probably the best thing you can do. However, to support that, you need to have a strong online presence via social media, especially in today’s society. Providing value and content to your network online will over time, allow you to be that industry expert that people think of when they think of real estate.”

Agent #4 – Titi Shoremi – EXP Realty

“I can assure you good ethics, communication, transparency, fairness and good value for your money.”

#1 Local networking events
#2 Social Media
#3 Door-knocking/signs/flyers

“The majority of my business comes from referrals and connecting with people.”

Agent #5 – Saha Amini – MetroCity Property Group

“Clients will find peace in her patience and willingness to walk with them from the start to closing and after transactions.”

#1 Social Media
#2 Local networking events
#3 Door-knocking/signs/flyers

“Social media: In this digital world we live in and with all the technology advancing, it’s challenging to grow your business without implementing social media marketing. Social media allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level and build your brand power. 

Local networking events: I believe your network is your key to success as a real estate agent. It is one of the most dynamic and beneficial aspects to build your business and being able to create a positive mind. Attending local events allows you to refine your skills, network better, learn drastically, meet new prospects and build professional relationships. You will meet individuals in a positive environment that will motivate you to achieve your personal goals. 

Door-knocking/signs/flyers: I believe these can yield tremendous benefits when performed strategically. It is a way of being proactive vs reactive, especially in today’s market. These are great ways in reaching your audience. More specifically, it controls an individual’s first impression of you, expands your network allowing you to reach new clients, improves your brand, and separates you from the competition.”

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Agent #6 – Jorgo Hidershaj – Keller Williams Integrity Realty

“I always strive for my client’s absolute satisfaction!”

#1 Door-knocking/signs/flyers
#2 Social Media
#3 Local networking events

“Door-knocking/signs/flyers – Great lead generation, getting to expose yourself as much as possible in your targeted area and allowing you to meet with potential clients.

Social media – Pretty much everyone uses social media, you are able to showcase your services at a lower cost through ads and gives you the opportunity to implement several marketing strategies.

Local networking events – Great way to network with other professionals and potential leads. A very powerful tool to make progress in this career path.”

Agent #7 – Felix Koolen-Renaud – Digi Brokerage

“He is always there to help answer any questions any time of day and considers his clients to be like family.”

#1 Local networking events
#2 Social Media
#3 Door-knocking/signs/flyers

“Personally, I would rank it in the order of Local networking events, social media, and door-knocking/signs/flyers. Most of the success I’ve experienced, especially during the most difficult of deals, has come from great people I’ve met through networking because it not only brings in so many opportunities but trusted ones as well.”

Agent #8 – Hawraa Daher – Keller Williams Integrity Realty

“I work relentlessly to make buying, selling, and investing in Real Estate simple.”

#1 Door-knocking/signs/flyers
#2 Social Media
#3 Local networking events

“Real estate agents can create trust and find new properties through door-knocking at a low cost.

Social media can help agents leave a digital footprint while establishing a personal connection with their audience.

Networking is important in real estate if you want to be successful. It will help you make new contacts and get you leads.”

Agent #9 – Brittany Brown – The bteam Ottawa

“Brittany is passionate about running an extremely successful team of driven women and she loves every minute of it!”

“I would rank all of these at #1 when growing your business. In order to be successful you need to have a diverse and well-rounded networking base. To me, this includes social media, local networking, door-to-door/Flyers etc. Cycling through these is key to success in this changing market.”

Agent #10 – Rod Maadarani – Avenue North Realty

#1 Social Media
#2 Door-knocking/signs/flyers
#3 Local networking events

“The reason I put social media first is because that is where the traffic is.  It is hands down the winner.  Signs do work. I have had many calls from my signs, and the visibility of my face and name for a couple of months in front of the house is excellent exposure.  The rest, to be honest, I would say are a tie. I am not as big on networking events as I once was many years ago.  I do not door-knock, but it does typically yield great results.”

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