TAKE 10 Series: Question 13

Welcome to the series where we ask 10 real estate agents for their take on the current market challenges and opportunities


James Angus, Brittany Byrd,
Nick Polegato, Luka Maric,
Mike Labreche, Krista Weatherall,
Julie Milne, Severine Neba,
Michele Rowe, Cindy McCaig


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Ottawa, Ontario


December 15, 2022 8:00am EDT


Engel & Völkers Ottawa South, Royal Lepage Team Realty, EXP Realty, The Agency Ottawa, REMAX Affiliates Realty, Innovation Realty Ltd., Details Realty Inc., Keller Williams Integrity

Real estate is a 24/7 job. How do you balance your career in real estate and your personal life?

Agent #1 – James Angus – Engel & Völkers Ottawa South

“James has developed strong negotiating skills and attention to detail which provides his clients with a professional and personal real estate experience.”

“I commit my time entirely to what I’m doing. When I’m working and prospecting I’m fully committed to that time. When I’m home or with my friends, I am totally present at that moment also. It’s a balance that works for me.”

Agent #2 – Cindy McCaig – Keller Williams Integrity Realty

“I am passionate about helping others. My entrepreneurial spirit, combined with my intuitive ability to empathize with my clients, enables me to adapt easily to any kind of situation.”

“Real estate can easily take over your life. I believe that time-blocking and building boundaries are essential. I usually turn off my notifications on my phone from 8 pm-8 am.”

Agent #3 – Nick Polegato – EXP Realty

“Nick uses technology to empower Sellers and Buyers by providing more value, selling over $20 Million in homes over the last two years.”

“For me, it’s important to have a consistent daily routine. My military background prepared me for early mornings which I use to prepare for the day ahead of me and some personal time. My wife is extremely supportive of my career and we make it a priority to schedule weekends away at least every quarter and a dedicated weekly date night. It’s also important to put the phone away and be present when it’s time to be with family and fully focused on work when it’s time to work.”

“It’s important to put the phone away and be present when it’s time to be with family and fully focused on work when it’s time to work.”

Agent #4 – Severine Neba – eXp Realty Brokerage

“I am very passionate about helping my clients in realizing that their needs and dreams can be met. Working with me is all about feeling protected and confident about the entire process.”

While I love what I do, it is important to ensure I have a balance and enjoy time with my loved ones. During client consultations, I state the times I work and the times I will be available for emergencies only. This gives me some personal time for myself and my undivided attention to my loved ones.

Agent #5 – Mike Labreche – REMAX Affiliates Realty

“Michael has always put others first and will do anything to help someone when in need; it is something that defines who he is.”

“Real Estate can be very hectic at times but for me staying organized and having a schedule to follow helps to keep a balanced lifestyle.”

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Agent #6 – Krista Weatherall – eXp Realty

“I love to work with people buying or selling their home especially with first time home buyers, and investors!”

“Time Blocking. At the beginning of each week, I sit down and block out my schedule for the entire week. Time Blocks like “In the Office”, “Showings”, “Coffee Meetings”, and yes, even “Personal Time”. When I first heard of this method I instantly thought that it wasn’t for me. I then spent the next several months floundering, feeling unorganized and, all over the place. When my team lead reintroduced this method to me I decided to just try it out, and I’m very glad I did. This method allows me to feel more organized and in control, and I’ve also found an increase in my productivity both at work and in my personal life. Now obviously all agents know that some things get switched around last minute, but by having everything scheduled, a last-minute showing, or a last-minute social event is way more manageable.”

“At the beginning of each week, I sit down and block out my schedule for the entire week.”

Agent #7 – Julie Milne – Innovation Realty Ltd.

“A keen sense for all things Real Estate related, my knowledge and attention to detail ensures complete satisfaction. A full-service agent, I go the extra mile all of the time.”

“This is the most important tip to learn in this business! It has to be a conscious effort and is a work in progress for me. There’s always something on my to-do list as a business owner/operator that I could be working on… marketing, lead generation, communication etc. I set aside time in the evenings for our family to sit down for a meal together and talk about our day. My phone is off during this time (with the exception of being in the middle of offer negotiations). I attempt to book my showing appointments strategically to minimize driving time.

My mornings are my own. Coffee in p.js in my home office (a.k.a. the back deck). That’s my jam. Even if I’m browsing MLS, it’s a relaxed pace until I get ready for the day’s appointments (or a couple of hours on the slopes if there’s been a significant amount of snowfall the night before). Setting expectations with clients is key. I explain in advance that I do not respond to calls/texts/emails before 9 am or after 8 pm. They catch on quickly 😉 The exception to this is during offer negotiations. That’s when all respect for personal time goes out the window to work 100% for my client’s best interests. I try not to set late-night deadlines on offers.”

Agent #8 – Luka Maric – The Agency Ottawa

“Luka’s clients appreciate his honesty, dedication, and outside of the box thinking. Luka’s attention to detail comes to light when he is negotiating on behalf of his clients.”

“Flexibility is critical, along with time management. I try to frontload my day’s personal tasks in the morning. (Gym, meditation, finances, personal development) That way I can be available for my clients for the rest of the day.”

Agent #9 – Michele Rowe – Details Realty Inc.

“I love the real estate business and have 19 years experience to help you make the best possible decisions. I view representation and guidance of my clients through this process as a true privilege.”

“a. I organize my week and make a schedule which helps in having a stress-free week.

b. I prioritize what is most important which means working smarter not harder.

c. I schedule time with family and mental wellness (i.e., meditation, walks and exercise)”

Agent #10 – Brittany Byrd – Royal Lepage

“Brittany’s past experiences attest to her dedication to hard work and without question striving for the absolute best for her clients.”

“In order to be my best for my clients I must take care of myself first and this starts with my health. I work out 4-5x per week and/or go for a 45-minute walk. I also meal prep to ensure I am eating healthy throughout the day. As a Realtor, there are many days when there are not enough hours in the day, and being proactive is so crucial for success.”

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