TAKE 10 Series: Question 15

Welcome to the series where we ask 10 real estate agents for their take on the current market challenges and opportunities


James Angus, Brittany Byrd,
Nick Polegato, Luka Maric,
Mike Labreche, Krista Weatherall,
Julie Milne, Severine Neba,
Michele Rowe, Cindy McCaig


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Ottawa, Ontario


December 29, 2022 8:00am EDT


Engel & Völkers Ottawa South, Royal Lepage Team Realty, EXP Realty, The Agency Ottawa, REMAX Affiliates Realty, Innovation Realty Ltd., Details Realty Inc., Keller Williams Integrity

In your opinion, what is the most challenging type of property to sell and why?

Agent #1 – Julie Milne – Innovation Realty Ltd.

“A keen sense for all things Real Estate related, my knowledge and attention to detail ensures complete satisfaction. A full-service agent, I go the extra mile all of the time.”

“A property that is unique and quirky(while it can be very cool) poses a challenge as it narrows the buyer pool. Only a certain type of buyer will accept a house with custom design layouts that aren’t user-friendly. Think of it as fun uncle Bob who pops in unexpectedly for dinner. Sure, he’s a blast to be around but could you live with him forever? Probably not.”

Agent #2 – Luka Maric – The Agency Ottawa

“Luka’s clients appreciate his honesty, dedication, and outside of the box thinking. Luka’s attention to detail comes to light when he is negotiating on behalf of his clients.”

“This is a tough question to answer because every type of property has a particular buyer. Gun to my head, I’d say older rural properties would be most difficult because if they are in bad shape not many buyers will want to put in the money/work required and developers have no need for it.”

Agent #3 – Brittany Byrd – Royal Lepage

“Brittany’s past experiences attest to her dedication to hard work and without question striving for the absolute best for her clients.”

“Personally, I do not find any property to be a challenge. Each property is so unique and every property has selling features. Our job as Realtors is to set each listing up for success, we do this by preparing the property, marketing the property and pricing the property appropriately.”

Agent #4 – Michele Rowe – Details Realty Inc.

“I love the real estate business and have 19 years experience to help you make the best possible decisions. I view representation and guidance of my clients through this process as a true privilege.”

“A challenging property to sell is a home that was bought in a seller’s market and the sellers want to re-list shortly after they purchased the home. This poses a challenge as there is a strong possibility the home will be sold for less than they purchased it for.

A home that is dated and extremely cluttered can also be difficult to sell. Especially with sellers that are not willing to do the work to improve the look of the home.”

Agent #5 – James Angus – Engel & Völkers Ottawa South

“James has developed strong negotiating skills and attention to detail which provides his clients with a professional and personal real estate experience.”

“A poorly maintained property is very challenging. A home can be dated but well-maintained. However, a property where you see where the small things haven’t been maintained such as lawn, gutters, furnace filters, etc. It always makes people wonder if the larger items such as roofs, furnaces, and windows have been attended to.”

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Agent #6 – Cindy McCaig – Keller Williams Integrity Realty

“I am passionate about helping others. My entrepreneurial spirit, combined with my intuitive ability to empathize with my clients, enables me to adapt easily to any kind of situation.”

“Tenanted properties tend to be more difficult to sell because we usually can not do our typical preparation for the listing and tenants are also less flexible with showings.”

Agent #7 – Nick Polegato – EXP Realty

“Nick uses technology to empower Sellers and Buyers by providing more value, selling over $20 Million in homes over the last two years.”

“I don’t think any type of property is more challenging to sell than another. The hardest properties to sell are those that are overpriced. Overpricing is the hardest obstacle to overcome in Real Estate sales because you only have a small marketing window to get buyers interested in your listing and they are more educated than ever. They can spot when a property is overpriced and will ignore it and move on to the next. Price decreases and time on the market often play a mental game for buyers and they start to think “is there something wrong with this home? I’ll pass on this one” resulting in the property selling for less than its market value.”

Agent #8 – Severine Neba – eXp Realty Brokerage

“I am very passionate about helping my clients in realizing that their needs and dreams can be met. Working with me is all about feeling protected and confident about the entire process.”

“Agricultural Land is the most challenging type of property to sell. It entails so much more knowledge and expertise to be able to better represent your clients. This type of transaction is much less common for most real estate agents and if you are not as familiar with this type of land, there are many variables and rules that must be taken into consideration.”

Agent #9 – Mike Labreche – REMAX Affiliates Realty

“Michael has always put others first and will do anything to help someone when in need; it is something that defines who he is.”

“Commercial is the hardest type of property to sell in my opinion. Commercial properties bring a whole new challenge compared to selling just residential properties. Commercial buyers are typically very specific.”

Agent #10 – Krista Weatherall – eXp Realty

“I love to work with people buying or selling their home especially with first time home buyers, and investors!”

“In my opinion, the most challenging property to sell has nothing to do with physical features. The hardest property to sell is one that the seller doesn’t want to sell. When people are forced into situations where they have no choice but to sell their homes, it’s very hard emotionally. I really try to connect with my clients when I work with them, and knowing that they aren’t thrilled about selling their homes takes a toll. You always want what’s best for your clients, and when you work hard and get them a great result it is still a bittersweet moment for them and me.”

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