Lending Leaders: Q2

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Adil Rahman, Danny Saikaley,
Rebecca Nickerson, Pranav Sharma,
Thiet Le


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Ottawa, Ontario


March 2, 2023 8:00am EDT


Adil Rahman Mortgage Team, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa, Mortgage Forces, Pegasus Mortgage Lending, The Mortgage Advisors

How do you foresee interest rates changing over the next year?

Adil Rahman – Adil Rahman Mortgage Team

Adil Rahman
Adil Rahman Mortgage Team

“I’m a Bilingual Accredited Mortgage Professional committed to helping my clients access mortgage solutions; regardless of whether you are looking to buy your first or fifth home or refinance your current home.”

“We are projecting rates to stay flat at the beginning of the year and until inflation is tamed down. Our team expects rates to start going down before the end of this year.  Ultimately, no one can predict with certainty how interest rates will change in the future. Again an educated conversation is not going to hurt, so contact us today.”

Danny Saikaley – Mortgage Forces

Danny Saikaley
Mortgage Forces

“Danny Saikaley, President, entered the financial service industry in 2005. He has worked and consulted for major banks in Canada. Mr. Saikaley is an active supporter of Canadian military families through philanthropy, direct cooperation, and financial guidance.”

“Rollercoaster is the answer that came to mind but I do think they will keep the rates the same for a while as inflation has still not come down. Interest rates can be influenced by many factors, including economic growth, inflation, and government policy, and can change rapidly.

It’s worth noting that the Bank of Canada has stated that it plans to keep interest rates low for an extended period of time to support the economy. However, other factors, such as inflation and changes in government policy, can also impact interest rates.

It’s important to regularly monitor interest rates and to consider seeking the advice of a financial advisor if you’re uncertain about the best strategy for you.”

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Rebecca Nickerson – The Mortgage Advisors

Rebecca Nickerson
The Mortgage Advisors

“With a passion for real estate and expertise in finance, I am committed to working with you to find a mortgage tailored to your needs and lifestyle. I have access to a variety of lenders, assuring that we find the right fit.”

“I believe that the Bank of Canada’s prime rate of lending will remain where it is for the foreseeable future.  We may start to see more discounts off prime making variable-rate mortgages a little more attractive in the future.

I would imagine that we will also see a reduction in fixed rates over the year.  We have already seen a reduction in the past two months, and will likely see more as we enter into the busier spring market. I am optimistic for the year to come and believe it can only get better from here.”

Pranav Sharma – Pegasus Mortgage Lending

Pranav Sharma
Pegasus Mortgage Lending

“I am a mortgage agent with a passion for helping people achieve their dream of homeownership. I have a deep understanding of the various home loan options available and will work closely with you to find the perfect mortgage solution to fit your needs and financial situation.”

“As per the current market analysis, it is predicted that interest rates will decrease in the next 6-12 months, however, it is unlikely that they will reach the same low levels observed at the start of the previous year.”

Thiet Le – Mortgage Brokers Ottawa

Thiet Le
Mortgage Brokers Ottawa

“I always strive to do an outstanding job. I have expert knowledge and a passion for the mortgage industry that drives me to deliver the best results possible, the best service with care, integrity to as many people who are in need of mortgage solutions.”

“I do not have the ability to predict future events or market movements with certainty, as they are influenced by a wide range of factors that can be difficult to anticipate.

However, I can tell you that interest rates are influenced by a variety of factors, including inflation, economic growth, and central bank policy. If the economy continues to recover from the pandemic and inflation remains elevated, it is possible that central banks may begin to raise interest rates to combat inflationary pressures. On the other hand, if economic growth remains sluggish, central banks may opt to keep interest rates low to stimulate lending and spending.

It is also worth noting that interest rate changes can have a significant impact on financial markets and investment strategies, so it is important to stay informed and make decisions based on your personal financial goals and risk tolerance.”

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