TAKE 10 Series: Question 18

Welcome to the series where we ask 10 real estate agents for their take on the current market challenges and opportunities


James Angus, Brittany Byrd,
Nick Polegato, Luka Maric,
Mike Labreche, Krista Weatherall,
Julie Milne, Severine Neba,
Michele Rowe, Cindy McCaig


Home Buyers and Sellers, Market Strategy, Ottawa Real Estate, Investment Properties, Rentals, Advice, Preparing to Buy or Sell, Preparing to List


Ottawa, Ontario


February 2, 2023 8:00am EDT


Engel & Völkers Ottawa South, Royal Lepage Team Realty, EXP Realty, The Agency Ottawa, REMAX Affiliates Realty, Innovation Realty Ltd., Details Realty Inc., Keller Williams Integrity

What is the strangest and/or most unique thing that you’ve come across when preparing a listing or performing a showing?

Agent #1 – James Angus – Engel & Völkers Ottawa South

“James has developed strong negotiating skills and attention to detail which provides his clients with a professional and personal real estate experience.”

“I showed a property that was supposed to be vacant, but when we went upstairs to the bedrooms, there were two tourists in separate rooms. The property was illegally being used for an Airbnb by a non-owner. We were all surprised.”

Agent #2 – Cindy McCaig – Keller Williams Integrity Realty

“I am passionate about helping others. My entrepreneurial spirit, combined with my intuitive ability to empathize with my clients, enables me to adapt easily to any kind of situation.”

“There was a sex dungeon in one of our listings. Awkward!”

Agent #3 – Nick Polegato – EXP Realty

“Nick uses technology to empower Sellers and Buyers by providing more value, selling over $20 Million in homes over the last two years.”

“I was showing a client a potential flip property. It had been abandoned and was in really rough shape. No utilities in the home. We went upstairs and there was a room full of shelves. On every shelf, there were a dozen or so enclosures with dead tarantulas and a football-sized hole in the roof.  Needless to say, we did not buy that particular property.”

Agent #4 – Severine Neba – eXp Realty Brokerage

“I am very passionate about helping my clients in realizing that their needs and dreams can be met. Working with me is all about feeling protected and confident about the entire process.”

“While performing a showing, I came across a very beautiful and unique chandelier that was custom-made and imported. My clients and I were in awe.”

Agent #5 – Krista Weatherall – eXp Realty

“I love to work with people buying or selling their home especially with first time home buyers, and investors!”

“The strangest and scariest thing I’ve gone through while preparing a listing was finding a snake in my client’s basement. We were touring the home together going over notes to prepare the listing, and we stopped in the basement in front of the HVAC equipment to talk further about that. I put my hand behind me, thinking I was about to lean on a wall and instead, felt glass. I turned around as soon as I noticed it wasn’t a wall, and I was greeted by the face of a giant snake. I literally screamed at the top of my lungs and jumped. Luckily my client took it well and laughed it off. I now ask about all animals in the house before going in so I am prepared.”

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Agent #6 – Mike Labreche – REMAX Affiliates Realty

“Michael has always put others first and will do anything to help someone when in need; it is something that defines who he is.”

“The only thing I would say, is that I once had a listing in the valley and their home had a full mural of a naked mermaid above their spa tub.”

Agent #7 – Julie Milne – Innovation Realty Ltd.

“A keen sense for all things Real Estate related, my knowledge and attention to detail ensures complete satisfaction. A full-service agent, I go the extra mile all of the time.”

“I showed a house that had a large spot in the shape of a person on the wood floor from a decomposed body, not the most unusual thing. except that the fluids had leaked from the top level to the lower level.

I showed a house that had people sound asleep in nearly every room at 2:00 p.m. The showing was confirmed with notes “seller might be home at the time of showing”. 

I have a phobia of snakes and have run, screaming, right past my buyer clients to the safety of the back porch.

I’ve had out-of-town clients follow me through the city looking at homes and I got lost…twice. Oops.”

Agent #8 – Luka Maric – The Agency Ottawa

“Luka’s clients appreciate his honesty, dedication, and outside of the box thinking. Luka’s attention to detail comes to light when he is negotiating on behalf of his clients.”

“I’m quite strict with my clients in terms of how I’d like their homes to be presented so nothing on that end. I’ve come across very bizarre, and creepy paintings that have made my skin crawl during showings in otherwise beautiful homes.”

Agent #9 – Brittany Byrd – Royal Lepage

“Brittany’s past experiences attest to her dedication to hard work and without question striving for the absolute best for her clients.”

“I haven’t come across anything strange, but I’ve been in many unique homes and often come home with some great ideas!”

Agent #10 – Michele Rowe – Details Realty Inc.

“I love the real estate business and have 19 years experience to help you make the best possible decisions. I view representation and guidance of my clients through this process as a true privilege.”

“This situation was quite funny and very stressful.  My male client and I were attending a home inspection.  We had arrived early, and the home inspector had yet to arrive.  My client was getting anxious and wanted to check the attic while waiting for the inspector.  We had no ladder for him to get into the attic, so we used a dresser in one of the bedrooms for him to stand on.  I used my scarf to cover the dresser.  My client climbed onto the dresser and opened the attic hatch.  He attempted to climb into the attic but realized the opening was too small because of his jeans and belt.  Determined to get into that attic, he took his jeans off and handed them to me.  He was standing there in his boxer underwear.  Needless to say, I was somewhat embarrassed and stressed thinking that the inspector was going to show. How was it going to look, me holding his jeans?  My client got into the attic and started to look around. He was telling me what he was seeing.  As I suspected, the inspector showed up, I’m holding my client’s jeans and my client’s head is popping out of the attic opening and he says to the inspector: “Hi nice to meet you. I’ve already inspected the attic and it looks good.”

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