TAKE 10 Series: Question 8

Welcome to the series where we ask 10 real estate agents for their take on the current market challenges and opportunities


Betty Orourke, Felix Koolen-Renaud,
Ashley Moore, Chris Steeves,
Hawraa Daher, Saha Amini,
Jorgo Hidershaj, Titi Shoremi,
Rod Maadarani, Brittany Brown


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Ottawa, Ontario


November 2, 2022 11:59am EDT


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How can a client best prepare themselves for their initial meeting with a real estate agent?

Agent #1 – Jorgo Hidershaj – Keller Williams Integrity Realty

“I always strive for my client’s absolute satisfaction!”

“The best preparation a client can do is perform some research prior to meeting with a real estate agent. Having some knowledge about the current status of the market could be very beneficial to your conversation with your real estate agent, as you will be able to better understand any fluctuations that are happening in the market and how they may affect your buying/selling decisions. If you are buying, it is also highly recommended to get a pre-approval first from a licensed mortgage broker so you can set your home search criteria accordingly. If you are selling, it is a good idea to start de-cluttering your space prior to your meeting so your agent will be able to give you a more accurate home evaluation. Lastly, do not just settle with the first agent you find online, each agent offers different services that could potentially fit your needs, so it is always recommended to interview several agents before making your decision.”

“If you are buying, it is also highly recommended to get a pre-approval first from a licensed mortgage broker so you can set your home search criteria accordingly.”

Agent #2 – Saha Amini – MetroCity Property Group

“Clients will find peace in her patience and willingness to walk with them from the start to closing and after transactions.”

“During your first meeting with a real estate agent, create a list of questions that you want to ask them. These questions can be specific about the home buying or selling process or they can focus on the real estate agent’s qualifications. For example, you may want to know their plan to market your home and what recommendations they would have to prepare it for sale. Also, be prepared to talk about finances. If you are a buyer, you want to consider getting pre-approval so that the real estate agent can find homes to show you within your range and expectations. On top of that, you should also decide on the features and styles of a home that are most important to you. Lastly, come prepared to listen. Real estate agents can provide expert advice to get the best insights on the current market conditions and help guide you through the whole process.”

Agent #3 – Ashley Moore – Remax Affiliate Boardwalk

“Ashley aspires to create personable and lasting connections with her clients through fun, dedicated engagement.”

“When I first speak with a new client, I always want to know their goals and intentions with their purchase, ie. are they buying it as their first home, a potential investment property and if so what type of investment (cash flow vs. equity), are they buying to live in it for a while, etc. The more information I can get from the client, the better understanding I’ll have about their wants and needs and be I’ll be better able to help serve them properly. The second important question I ask is if they have a good grasp on their current affordability. Getting pre-approved is step #1 and making sure they are in contact with a mortgage advisor is crucial in determining what their buying power is before we begin their search.”

Agent #4 – Chris Steeves – EXP Realty

“Chris will help you navigate through every step of your real estate purchase or sale, and ensure you’re making the best possible decisions for the best possible results.”

 It’s very helpful to the Realtor if the client has done some research on their property search or the current market. Working with a client is a process of education. The agent’s job is to properly educate the client so the client is able to make the most informed decisions possible.”

“The agent’s job is to properly educate the client so the client is able to make the most informed decisions possible.”

Agent #5 – Hawraa Daher – Keller Williams Integrity Realty

“I work relentlessly to make buying, selling, and investing in Real Estate simple.”

“Having a mortgage application pre-approved in advance is extremely helpful. It will be easier for you and your agent to stay within your financial limits. Your real estate agent can better meet your needs by showing you homes that fall within your desired price range and other criteria if they have this information. I would also suggest that the client prepare as many questions as possible, we as agents are here as a source of knowledge and it is important that the client understands and is comfortable with the process.”

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Agent #6 – Betty Orourke – eXp Realty Canada

“My high level of customer care going above & beyond, anticipating my clients needs plus strong communication is how I have found great success in real estate!”

“Come in with all the tough questions first! 
Why should we choose you as our agent? 
How many transactions have you done that compares to what we are looking for? (Location, property type, etc.)
Your hours? Are you full-time?
How often will I hear from you? How do you communicate with your clients?
What are your values? In business and personally?”

Agent #7 – Brittany Brown – The bteam Ottawa

“Brittany is passionate about running an extremely successful team of driven women and she loves every minute of it!”

“How to prepare for a realtor as a buyer and as a seller would be different.

Head to a mortgage broker first.  Know what you can afford and how it’s going to look for you financially to buy. Think about what location you would like and why. Have a list of your wants versus needs ready to go. Communicate what you’re not looking for and why. 

Always Interview 2+ agents. Have a list of your updates/upgrades ready and have any utility bills handy. Do you have a floor plan? It would be great to have this handy. Do you have a plan as to where you’re going? When do you want to move? Communicating these things will be very helpful.”

Agent #8 – Titi Shoremi – EXP Realty

“I can assure you good ethics, communication, transparency, fairness and good value for your money.”

“Write down any and all questions that come to mind upon meeting with your realtor so you don’t forget to ask. Know the type of person you want to work with before you begin your search. Having a compatible agent to guide you through this process is crucial.”

Agent #9 – Felix Koolen-Renaud – Digi Brokerage

“He is always there to help answer any questions any time of day and considers his clients to be like family.”

“Don’t be afraid to express what you’re really looking for and want in a home. Take the time to go through all the financial preparation that we coach you through so that when you find the perfect home, the process will be smooth. If you are a buyer, come with a realistic budget in mind and speak to a mortgage agent to determine what you can qualify for. Create a list of must have items, and another if items that are ideal and but not required. Sellers should begin preparing the house for sale by making a list of items that will need to be addressed before the house can be sold.”

Take the time to go through all the financial preparation that we coach you through so that when you find the perfect home, the process will be smooth.”

Agent #10 – Rod Maadarani – Avenue North Realty

“There are many things clients can do to prepare themselves for an initial meeting with a real estate agent.  As a buyer, the most important thing to know is what you are able to afford or what monthly payment you can carry.  A prior meeting with their mortgage agent, or bank, to assess what monthly payment they are approved for.  This is a very big step, the rest sort of falls into place.  First-time buyers will have many questions regarding the sales process and the agent will be there to guide them the rest of the way.  More seasoned buyers will know more about where they want to live and what type of house etc.  Although again, a pre-approval is always a good step prior to a meeting. Sellers having been through this process at least once before, should prepare at least a list of what was done to the home during their ownership, copies of bills for taxes and utilities.”

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